22Vcard Changelog

All of the updates for 22Vcard will be listed here. 22Vcard versioning is based on the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH system.

Update 2.0.0 - 20 November, 2021

  • Implemented Yookassa one-time payments system.
  • Implemented PayU one-time payments system.
  • Implemented RazorPay one-time & recurring payments system.
  • Implemented Mollie one-time & recurring payments system.
  • Implemented Paystack one-time & recurring payments system.
  • Implemented an Auto Cleanup functionality for old, inactive users. Can be activated and configured in the admin panel.
  • Implemented email notifications for old & soon-to-be-deleted users, if the Auto Cleanup functionality is enabled.
  • Implemented the ability to see the list of referred users of a particular user from the admin panel.
  • Implemented the ability to set custom css and custom javascript for vcard pages only from the admin panel.

Update 1.4.0 - 5 November, 2021

  • Implemented the ability to set a custom First Name, Last Name, Company name, Job title & Birthday for each Vcard.
  • Small improvements to the QR code generator for each vcard as well.
  • Updated all composer dependencies to their latest version.
  • Small improvements to the API documentation.

Update 1.3.0 - 21 October, 2021

  • Dashboard vcards fix ordering, added logo image to the table for better looks.
  • Fixed admin update page not working.
  • Fixed address block not pointing to the proper google maps URL in some cases.
  • Fixed vcard export problems caused by certain web-host settings.
  • Fixed login, register pages visual bug.
  • Fixed vcard page icons not properly displaying in safari.

Update 1.2.0 - 17 October, 2021

  • Implemented & developed the new Image Optimizer Plugin -> Image Optimizer Plugin
  • Fixed vcard blocks reordering problem.
  • Vcard logos will now only be exported to the .vcf file if they are under 750KB (they can't be processed if larger).
  • Fixed vcard blocks icon/text alignment issues.
  • Fixed vcard blocks text not wrapping properly.

Update 1.1.0 - 15 October, 2021

  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable the QR code builder on a per-plan basis, via the admin panel.
  • Fixed vcard blocks reordering problem.
  • Fixed vcard blocks caching related problem.
  • Fixed vcard blocks enable/disable functionality.
  • Fixed admin not being able to delete Vcards blocks.

Initial release - 14 October, 2021